Grab Attention

The smart way to tell the room about your business without telling the room about your business.

Generate Curiosity

Politely invite prospects to approach you in the supermarket, at the park, at the mall, or even on the street.

Attract Clients

Quickly convert motvated leads to paying clients with a friendly conversation and a free quote or consultation

Best Sellers

Lead Generation Strategy

Be Approachable

Ensure your demeanor and body language are pleasant and inviting. Human beings can read each other before a word is spoken. Practice being open and approachable.

Be Friendly

Be interested, curious and concerned about the story your new prospect is sharing. Listen more than you speak. There will be time later to talk about what your business can do.

Be Prepared

Always carry business cards, a pen and pocket notebook. Let prospects see you write down their contact information. Offer to reach out later arrange a meeting time to disuss solutions your business can offer.

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